Jan 19, 2013

About this

hi! i'm sindre. call me sam if it's easier. i'm the owner of this blog, and i live in that kind of small, and guitar like shaped country, which stretches far up north on the globe. we are just about six million people here. but, never the less, my country is a place with deep cultural roots that goes even thousands of years back in time. we have so much beautiful to offer, both as it comes to our history, and the beauty of the country. we are the land of mystical creatures and folktales. how amazing isn't that? ha! it's the country where stories about trolls originated, where goblins still are tripping around inside our mountains, and living inside our homes, hiding in plain sight - protecting it, in return of we taking care of them, and let them "borrow" a few things now and then. norway is the country where the forest nymphs still are looking for it's next prey, and where baffled people still tell their stories about encounters they had with a "hulder", after a "o so quiet" hike in the mountains. we are the country of the norron gods, and their mythology! a country in which small area kings ruled in hundreds, protecting their land and territory, with bows and arrows, axes and spikes. more then a thousand years ago...

Beware of the forest nymph

we have the cool and hip urban cities, the beautiful and slow life countryside towns. rough mountains and cold, dark winters, and warm, long summer nights, where also the sun never sets. alongside the roads you can spot ancient viking burial grounds, and heaps, as you are driving. a coastline so long, that if you travel it from south to north, the beginning to the end, you have either traveled to where the sun never sets, or never rises. we have so much. so. So. SO. much! from svalbard, far up in the north, til the south waters of the skagerrak, this is a journey thru norway, seen thru a lens. if you like this small, but amazing country all ready, or if you maybe never even heard of it until now, this is my way to show you a little bit of all the small things, amazing towns, nature, people and wild life, and much more of what it have to offer. this is my Norway Thru A Lens. a little photographic diary.

Here are a few small teasers, of what this blog is about:

If you are lucky, you may see the goblin

Yes, we do farming as well. it just changed a little bit.

norway is a royal country. this is a few of our Majesty the Kings Royal Guard.

til next time!