Jan 25, 2013

In Need Of A Space Suit

Not long ago, I wrote about how cold it is in Norway these days. And that it's been cold for way, 
WAY to long already. Well, it's still cold. Way to cold. I'm freezing my butt off! This time, I mean it..

Buzz Aldrin on the moon

too cold - still

As a dog owner, my spine clinches every time I see 
my little cutiepie of a dash missy starts to get stressed. 
It means I will be forced to walk outside in minus 16f, 
or colder, and I won't stop shaking of cold until I 
been under the covers for several hours. We 
dress for the cold, yes. But, come on, you will 
still be freezing. So, I did some research...  
I'm in need of a space suit! I know they are huge, 
heavy and I'm sure, not very easy to 
get in and out of. But, and here 
is why: They have their very own personal 
climate control! How neat isn't that? 
Ha! I can control my very own environment. 
Summer. Winter. I wonder if I can get fall, and 
spring as well. Ha ha! I
don't think there will be brown leaves
 blowing around inside of it, but temperature 
wise, I can't think of any better solution. So. The cost. 
Hmm. Well, I DO know, you can get high end replicas 
of real space suits. They are at least cheaper then the 
real ones. I can alter a replica, put in a few fan's, some 
heat threads, and more. And, they are not the weight 
                                                                                               of the real ones. It's possible. Right? I would think so. 
                                                                                                 I think...

you can buy high end replicas...

Then a scary thought came over me. What comes 
along with it? What are the downsides. I mean, you 
are in control of the climate. A scary thought. 
Even tho it's my own very little environment, a 
taste of the control, would that make me a dictator? 
Ha! Maybe a "taste of the power", would give me 
lust for more then I would ever want to even 
dream about. So, I did a quick calculation, of an 
eventually outcome, of my dog-walk-suit:

"Space suit equals environment control. 
Environment control equals climate control. 
Climate control equals world domination
World domination, and ME - Equals absolutely 
No Good!"

I let it be with the dream of it. The dream of 
a space-dog-walk-suit, that is ;) 
It's way too much power for one person to handle. 
Even tho it's just your very own, tiny little environment 
enclosed in a rough fabric, and helmet. I'll just layer up instead. 
Besides, with a huge coat, or two, it won't be foggy. That way, 
I'm sure I will be able to see the beauty of the cold winter nights 
much better, as I walk my little cutie pie :)

crispy, late night, non-foggy dogwalks in norway, can give spectacular views - like the northern lights

                                                                                             Til next time!

                                                                                                 (space-suit images by nasa.gov & space-replicas.com)

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