Jan 22, 2013

It's O' So Cold

it's winter. check. it's norway. check. it's so, SO COLD! (check?).

we are more or less used to the cold weather, or as used to it as anyone can force them selves to become. still, i had such a huge hope, that this winter, we would dodge the coldest weather. it started out so nicely! til the beginning of january, we had just a few degrees below freezing. then- BAHM! it's now almost end of january, and the digital quicksilver has been flashing digits at me showing just about steady minus 16! MINUS 16 fahrenheit! which is, on the celsius scale, about minus 27 degrees.

 needless to say, i am freezing my butt off! at least, if it had been possible... so, what do we do? nothing! we survive it, that's all. we get thru it, somehow. we try taking it easy, sit indoors, in front of the heaters, under fluffy blankets, letting our dog lay over our thies, warming us. ha! my dog is a dash, so it's ok.
everything we normally do during our days, gets hard. tougher. a real effort is needed just to get dressed to go downtown shopping. as a dog owner, i'm used to dressing up to michelin-man size! or astronaut-suit size! two coats, two pair of jeans (and long johns). two pair of socks, mountain boots. two of everything. double the layers, or more, and you will at least be able to walk outside for more then ten minutes, before you are trembling with cold. 

 and that, people, is how we do it! that's how we get by, and survive the icy cold winters we have. we dress for the weather, not the "code". we have stocks of hot drinks and beverages ready to pour into a huge mug by the second we get indoors, or when ever we need to warm up our bones. besides, it's gorgeous outside, when it is this cold! it's bright, white, blue. and the stars sparkles! the moon gives a mix of a blue, silver light, which is so bright you don't need a flashlight, if you need to be outside where there is no other light source. it's all so pretty. frosty. it's norway! and as long as we have the ability to dress right, and we can stay outside as long as we selves feel comfortable with, we can handle it. at least for a short month, each year. also, winter, and snow, means fun time.
for us, and our belowed pets ;) it's all good. we manage. so far, at least...
 til next time! (hopefully it's warmer by then)

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