Jan 24, 2013

Oh, The Changes

I'm not pretending to be an amazing blogger, in fact, I think I may have 
problems putting together nice pages, or a blog post, that is easy enough, 
and interesting to read. I used to do this much more some years ago, and 
at that time, I was pretty much more confidant about my own style, vision
and layout.

Now, just let me say, as Natalie Portman often does, it's "unclear".

I received an email few days ago, where someone told me that:
"they like what I write about, but popping by my blog is aggravating, 
as almost every time, there is some kind of changes, in either my
 layout, fonts, or more".

I know. Ha! I also know how aggravating it can be. I used to be a journalist
and, am very aware of how confusing and aggravating it can be, reading and 
looking at pages, websites and more, where there is less then normal stability 
in it's layout, template and fonts, and where there are changes almost every time 
you go by them. So, please, bare with me. I am sure, I have soon found my
"voice" to share with you. Both in layout, and style in general :)

In the mean time, enjoy this amazing song! I am getting more and more the taste 
for Alicia Keys' music! I used to work as a traveling DJ for many, many years,
and by the time I stepped down from the DJ Booth, my personal taste in music 
was more or less shattered! Now, I'm slowly getting my own taste back, all tho
I have to admit, it's more about the "mood & feeling" in the song, and the 
music, that appeals to me, then the artists, quality and popularity of it in general. 
This song has it! The mood. The feeling.
It makes me want to scream out, and sing along! 

My poor dog. Sensitive hearing. Maybe she will get used to it. Soon ;)

                                                Til next time!

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