Jan 21, 2013

Over The Mountain & Thru The Walley

i live in the very heart of norway. the valley where the danish author h.c. andersen found the background for many of his amazing tales, where asbjornsen & moe found inspiration for many, or most of their stories. in the mountains, and the waste land of forests around me, the trolls ruled. long ago. but, if you hike around in the area, it is easy to find and see the reasons, for why this was such a big reality for people living, and traveling here, a century ago.

my town is small. to be honest, it's boring at times. but it's quiet. it's safe. it's a perfect place in the country, and the world, to raise your children, to find your inner peace and settle down. if you find it necessary, you can travel where ever you want to, when you need to refresh your view of the world, or experience a different paste in your life. right? but here, it's beautiful. if i leave my town for a while, i always long back to it, and the area, after just a short while away. how quiet it is, and how pretty it is. all you have to do is look, and listen. enjoy the silence. enjoy the world. enjoy your home. my town, and my part of this long country, is perfect. at least most of the time. 

i made this videoclip some time ago. quality isn't the best, but it will give you an idea of what is all around me. but just a tiny bit. you won't see it, smell it, or feel it, before you been here. but still, without further ado, here is a tiny glimpse of gudbrandsdalen. over the mountain, and thru the valley. 

til next time!