Jan 23, 2013

The Hulder Dance

 someone i know made this video - camilla is an amazing talent as it comes to digital film making, and i just love this.
as this blog has a lot to do about the classic norway, it's mystique and folk tales, i just had to put this on, and let all of you see how amazing this video is. it truly gives you an idea (all tho this video is just a short teaser for a later-to-come music video), of how easy it could have been to believe in the "dark forces from the underworld", for people living here some hundred years ago. the mood in this clip, says it all. 
camilla wolf bodin is the person behind this video. She is an actor, and she also has her own documentary and movie company. the "hulder" is marie kl├ąpbakken.    
 this is "the hulderdance".

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