Feb 27, 2013

The Magic of "Gone With The Wind"

Young Miss Scarlett, surrounded by the boys. (Picture from the movie "Gone with the wind").


        "Fiddle-dee-dee! War, war, war; this war talk's spoiling all the fun at every party this                  
             spring.  I get so bored I could scream. Besides... there isn't going to be any war." 
                                                                                                           - Scarlett, in "Gone with the wind".

                                                         - Have You ever seen "Gone with the wind"? 

 I know it may be a silly question. Most of us, at least who are adults, may have seen it. But,  I haven't, 
up til now. Or, I saw it once, in my early teens, and to be honest, I wasn't really interested at the time.  
So, last night I saw it again - for real this time. Four hours and fifty minutes of a fantastic, beautiful 
piece of art flew by. 
A real classic, and perhaps one of the most famous movies of all time - and it was made in 1939! 
Returning to "Tara" (All pictures are courtesy of Selznick International Pictures)

Oh my, did it move me! It certainly did. This movie, about a family's struggles thru the American Civil War, and their friends, acquaintances, and the ways they make it thru. It's amazing. Scarlett, played by the beautiful Vivien Leigh, starts as a selfish, and complicated young girl, who grows to be a strong, independent woman, thru the struggles of the war. Maybe a little too strong. And, with the Casanova, Rhett Butler (Clark Gable), it's all ready for a classic story about love, war, life and it's ups and downs when the red carpet is pulled aside. But, I'm not going to get into the story too much, and maybe you already know it well.

Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) and Rhett (Clark Gable).
The thing is, if you are like me, and up til now, have missed out on this fantastic motion picture of art, you need to see it, when the opportunity arrives. What a story! The colours. The pictures. It's truly beautiful. The American south. Georgia. The amazing buildings. The effects. It makes my head spin thinking this was all made in 1939. 

As I mentioned, it truly moved me. In strange ways, and not in ways movies today sometimes do. If I had been any softer at heart, I would tear up by it, only because it's so beautiful. Actually, when I think about it, I'm happy it took me such a long time to watch it for real. Because now, as I'm older, I can truly appreciate how wonderful this movie really is - no wonder it's called the most beautiful classic of all times.

Miss Scarlett (Vivien Leigh)

(All pictures courtesy of the respective production company of "Gone With The Wind")


                                                                         "Tomorrow is another day".
                                                               And this movie will always be a part of it...

                                                     If you feel like watching a different movie, and don't know which one, 
                                       this is my suggestion. Or, if you seen it, maybe it's time to see it again?
                                       It's such a refreshing piece of art, in a time where almost everything is 
                                              digitalized - it's truly wonderful! And, such a beautiful story :) 




Feb 26, 2013

In need of a laugh

Just because the morning can be gray - because sometimes you feel tired, and sick of your day. Just because sometimes, you need a laugh - I'll give you this little video clip, simply for those reasons mentioned :)

(Ps: If you are a Bon Jovi fan, please don't watch - and if you do watch - this sounds just like it did, when I tried this song out on a karaoke night, some months ago. Ha ha!)  
Enjoy, and have a great day!

Feb 25, 2013

Sick days are boring days

Hi you guys! I been out of it for a little while. It's been slow, and not really any interesting days lately. On the top of it, I've had the flu, making it even more boring...

But, there is light ahead. It's warm days here now, all tho very cold nights. It's typical the inner part of Norway at this time of year - sun heats up during the day, and the night has clear, crispy and cold weather. Since I'm not sleeping too well at night, as for some stupid reason, the flu makes me start coughing as soon as I get under my covers, it makes me almost sad, since I'm not able to enjoy the sunny days, as I'm mostly passed out on the couch. Ha! But, I'm about to bounce back now :)

Also, tonight, as I was just out walking my dog I took the picture below. (It's a phone-image tho, which makes me almost feel ashamed posting that kind here). We have a gigantic, bright and low full-moon. Since I'm one of those "unfortunate" ones, that reacts strangely to this beautiful phenomenon of nature, I guess I'll be re-decorating and re-situating my living room tonight ;)  Hope all is well with You out there and, that you all have dodged the flu going around the world these days. 

Happy Monday Everyone!
yes, that is the moon. it's a horrible iPhone-image, I know - sorry people :)
Til Next Time!

Feb 19, 2013

The little things count

Just because it makes me smile. Because it's cute. Because it's simple happiness - and it reminds me how the little things count. Here is some gorgeous pictures of my beautiful dash dog, Tasha. My very best friend, girl, cutie pie, and little protector. Just for the smiles she will bring on your lips as you look at these images - as she enjoys her favorite little snack

Never forget, that the little things count - so much :)

So much happiness and joy, in such a little sweet body, mind and soul - over something so little. 
No wonder I love my cute little fluffy girl, so much.

Feb 18, 2013

A Christmas Card Feeling

We Norwegians are aware of our unstable weather. We have the saying, "There is no such thing as bad weather, there's only bad clothing". Still, I am now looking forward to the spring! I am so tired of the snow, the cold, the gray world. So, now as the weather has started to become comfy again, warmer, and sunny, I been looking forward to the days when the snow starts melting. Then, BHAM! Today, I woke up, and stepped outside, and right into a Christmas Card, which means - this: 

SNOW! Oh my... So, so SO much snow. It truly is like being, and living inside a Christmas fairytale. It gives that feeling. Again. I guess I can wave "Good Bye" to the spring time I was hoping for, at least for now. But, the good thing is, at least it's not cold. It's only a tiny degree below freezing, and, to be honest, fun, and very pretty. Thus far, that is...
I do hope this is our last bigger share of the snow this season. If not, I'll make my threat about moving south, a reality. Hopefully the "Maker" will be with me on this. If not, I just make snow angels, and jump around in it as if I were four years old again. Because, no matter how tired I am of this, it's still what you make out of it, that matters :)


Have a great Monday - Til next time!
(Sorry for the phone-images)

Feb 16, 2013

Car driving crazies

There is no doubt, the roads are the home to many crazy people. Sometimes, my spine clinches together as I drive our highways, or where ever, because of the crazy ways some people act on the roads. I'm not saying that I am a perfect driver - not at all. But, I don't drive deliberately to make other people feel uneasy, or unsafe. We are taught to help each other out in the traffic, and work together to solve situations. As far as it's possible, that's what I try to do. 

just because a blog post is boring with out pictures - here's my little "black bitch"

It's Saturday, and maybe it's more crazies on the roads during the weekends, then normal. Anyway, today I was driving on the highway, going up to a friend for a visit. Our roads at this time of year, are slippy! They are narrow, and dark, too. I was driving a little over the limit as I do when it's possible, to make the traffic flow in a good order. Then, this bigger black van, with gigantic, and a lot of extra headlights comes up behind me. Straight up into my "ass"! So close so I can't even see his front, and blinds me so bad I have to flip my rear view mirror, and concentrate to get my eyesight back. And, he stays there. So, I flash my brake lights to him a few quick times, so he will understand he is a dangerous distraction, and can position himself further behind me. What does this crazy do? He flashes his front light beams to me! It's like being at a Pink Floyd concert. I decide to give him the signal that I will start pulling to the side of the road. So, since this person seems to be in such a hurry, they can get past me. I brake a few times slowing down, and put my turn signal on. Clear road in front of me, and the road is straight. So then he still doesn't pull up on my side, to drive past me. I brake down at a side road, and bring my car to a full stop...

Then what does this person do? Ha ha! He jumps out of his van, comes up to me - oh, I'm ready for this! I already put my window down when he gets up to me. He tries to be so cool! Asking me what's up. I been working at places during my life, where I been made to handle people in different ways, for years. So, I'm telling him, that if he wanted to pass me, I had already given him all those signals for it. Letting him know in a firm, but respectful tone, that, when you are that close to my rear, he will blind the driver in front of him. Then he says- "Oh OK, I thought there was something you wanted me"! Ha! I waited for him to say that, from the second he opened his mouth. I tell him that, of course not, I wanted to help you get past me in a safe way. Because, even tho I was going over the speed limit, you were so close that I didn't even see your car hood - on a Van! 
The man (who actually seemed drunk to me, so if I would be able to see for sure he was the driver - I'd call the police), suddenly seemed uncomfortable, and said, "THANK YOU"! Ha ha! I said, "Don't mention it", and then he jumped back into his car. I waited for him to go first, he even had a car waiting behind him, since he was standing in the middle of the road, while I was parked on a little side road, and cleared off the highway. He didn't even drive ahead. He waited for me to drive first - then, he flashed his light-orgel several times again, before I turned up to the side road, and went up the hill's to my friend's residential area. I know this quote, I can't remember who said it, but I think it was an old movie star, back in the 80's:

"Cocaine and car driving brings out the worst in people"

Well, this situation at least doesn't bring that "myth" to a silence. This driver, was looking for trouble, I'm sure of it. I can handle that, that's for sure. But when he makes me, and so, others meeting me on the road, unsafe, then it's enough. I rather stop, and try let people get past me, instead of making not just his own unsafe and reckless driving, but mine, and then other people unsafe too. The traffic is dangerous enough already, if not crazies should be allowed to make it hazardous. If this guy absolutely wanted to fight me over mine, and other peoples safety, sure, go ahead. Sometimes, the best thing sure is, to just go on, and try to ignore it. But sometimes, like in this case, when it's not possible, because of the drivers behaviour, and the condition the roads are in, I rather take that chance, then gambling on the safety of others going in 55mph on dark, icy and narrow roads. Besides, people aren't always so tough when you talk back at them, in a firm but respectful way! Psychology is a great weapon. Traffic is an unhealthy place to be in. When I took my skydivers license, we learned that, compared to deaths in the traffic, skydiving is as safe as any sport can be. It says a lot! So, beware of the crazies out there - help each other out to resolve, and loose up tricky situations. If you feel the need to pull over, and stop, do it if it is possible, and safe. It's weekend, and even more cars are on the roads. So, stay calm, and drive safe. Let us all get thru every day, without putting our selves, or others in danger. 

Below is a little video I made years ago! It's in no way a professional peace of art, but it's funny - and yes, I know AC/DC is typed wrong on it's end credits -  ha ha!
And that the text on it is in Norwegian. 
But, it has cars, and more in it, it's of my little towns, "Street Meet Event" some years ago :)

Have a wonderful Saturday, and safe weekend every one!

Feb 15, 2013

Gaze at the sky, & stars tonight

First of all, I want to say, that I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day, yesterday! My day was very, VERY nice, and, for the first time in years, I enjoyed the day, with someone that I enjoy spending real time with. Not everyone has someone to enjoy it with, and therefor, it's a day that I am not so very pleased about, in general. I know very well, how it can be, being alone on "V-Day". But, with all my sincere warm feelings, I hope you all got thru it, in a good way...

Now, as "V-Day" is over, a rare phenomenon is on our doorsteps! I am a person who is pretty astronomy, and space-interested. I used to work as a show-host for a radio station in Norway, and, during those years, I had many interview's by phone with NASA, their astronomy-department, and also their space program-department. I can definitely say, that my interest still hasn't faded. So, tonight I will pull my telescope out into my yard, and stay ready. 

We will have a "fly-by", or, if you'd like, a "Shave", by an asteroid, that will be as close as any has ever whizzed by earth, in modern times, with out being in any danger hitting the ground, or disintegrate in the atmosphere close enough to make any damage. Still, it will be so close, it will whizz inside the area of where our satellites are orbiting in space. Even tho it is so small that it will be difficult to spot in the sky, you may still be lucky enough to have a glimpse of this very rare object. Named as "Asteroid 2012 DA14", it will be closest to Earth this Friday, at about 11:24 a.m. PST, which is 2:24 p.m. EST and 1924 UTC. It will fly by at a general distance of about 27,700 kilometers, or 17,200 miles, above Earth's surface. Still, it will be above the International Space Station (ISS), and the major amount of our satellites, it is considerably close. When it is at it's closest, the asteroid will be only about 1/13th of the distance to the moon. Also, the asteroid will fly by our planet quite rapidly, at a speed of about 17,400 mph, or 7.8 kilometers per second, and it will go in a south-to-north direction with respect to Earth. NASA's website has a lot of nice information about this, and you can read about it, in more and better details here. (nasa.gov web-link).

illustration of the close "fly-by" tonight, by NASA. (picture courtesy of nasa.gov).
Now, you may have seen all the news about the meteorite that made damages in a part of Russia this very early a.m - don't worry about anything similar happening with this asteroid. Those are two completely different phenomenons. First of all, the damages in Russia, was made by a different meteorite - not this asteroid. It's a big difference.
Tonight will just be a real interesting phenomenon. Something that doesn't happen often. No matter if you will try spotting it tonight, or not - I wish you the best of luck, and an interesting evening. I will be bundling up in "Michelin-Man" size, again. Gazing up at the sky. Who knows when something like this will happen again - a safe "shave" of an asteroid, passing us. I can't wait. I, for one, am ready...

gaze at the skies, and stars tonight. maybe you will be lucky enough, to make a wish.

horrible bad phone-picture, but, my telescope is ready - so is my stormtrooper :)
Til next time!