Feb 18, 2013

A Christmas Card Feeling

We Norwegians are aware of our unstable weather. We have the saying, "There is no such thing as bad weather, there's only bad clothing". Still, I am now looking forward to the spring! I am so tired of the snow, the cold, the gray world. So, now as the weather has started to become comfy again, warmer, and sunny, I been looking forward to the days when the snow starts melting. Then, BHAM! Today, I woke up, and stepped outside, and right into a Christmas Card, which means - this: 

SNOW! Oh my... So, so SO much snow. It truly is like being, and living inside a Christmas fairytale. It gives that feeling. Again. I guess I can wave "Good Bye" to the spring time I was hoping for, at least for now. But, the good thing is, at least it's not cold. It's only a tiny degree below freezing, and, to be honest, fun, and very pretty. Thus far, that is...
I do hope this is our last bigger share of the snow this season. If not, I'll make my threat about moving south, a reality. Hopefully the "Maker" will be with me on this. If not, I just make snow angels, and jump around in it as if I were four years old again. Because, no matter how tired I am of this, it's still what you make out of it, that matters :)


Have a great Monday - Til next time!
(Sorry for the phone-images)

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