Feb 8, 2013

"Brain Dead" Panic

Today it happened! For the first time in my life, I had a panic over a "brain dead-situation". Spacing out! Totally blank. Forgetting important details. What is going on? It may sound worse then it is, I am sort of laughing my self thru this. Ha! But still. Ok, so, this is what happened:

Earlier today I drove into a self-serviced gas station. My car is more or less down on it's reserves as it comes to fuel, so I pulled up by the pump, and went over to the credit card machine. Slipped my card into it's slot, and next was of course entering my pin code. And there it dawned on me. I was blank! Totally, utterly and, completely brain dead! For the very, very first time during my whole life, I could not remember my pin code! Not by a long shot. I stood there, panicking slowly as the line grew with other cars, and people  behind me, anxious to use the machine. I tried. Entering the code. From top. To bottom. Trying to memories the sequence of how I entered it before. All those times! It was no use. I canceled the transaction before I entered my pin code too many times, and blocked the whole thing. It's friday, my bank is closed, and no banks are open in Norway during the weekend. I have no cash, at all! A blocked credit card during the weekend, means NO MONEY! Not for me, this time, at least...

It still hasn't come back to me. The code, I mean. So, it makes me question all sort of things. Why? How in the makers world, could I all of the sudden forget my pin code? It never happened before. Not once! I use it all the time, almost every day. Is this the first sign, and step to a decease? Or a brain disorder... What makes me unable to remember it? Why can't i figure it out. Was I really tired when I forgot it? If so, I'd remember it by now. Am I getting old?! Ha ha! 

drinking coffee - thinking hard

I know it sounds hysterical, and funny, and sure, it is kind of funny. As I mentioned, I am laughing (or at least giggling) my self thru this as I write it. But, the fact is, that it is also a little bit scary. It does make you think, that it could be a sign of something being wrong. One little detail. An important one, that is. You never had any problem remembering it. Then, all of the sudden, it's all gone. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more it scares me. One thing is certain. The car is going to stay put this weekend. I will drink A LOT of coffee. I will look thru all my drawers searching for my little code slip. I will be brainstorming the next hours, or for as long as I am not able to remember it. And, if it still won't come back to me, monday is the day when I will call my doctor. Hopefully it is just something that can happen to every person, during their lifetime. If so, I am for one, at least, truly blessed... 

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