Feb 16, 2013

Car driving crazies

There is no doubt, the roads are the home to many crazy people. Sometimes, my spine clinches together as I drive our highways, or where ever, because of the crazy ways some people act on the roads. I'm not saying that I am a perfect driver - not at all. But, I don't drive deliberately to make other people feel uneasy, or unsafe. We are taught to help each other out in the traffic, and work together to solve situations. As far as it's possible, that's what I try to do. 

just because a blog post is boring with out pictures - here's my little "black bitch"

It's Saturday, and maybe it's more crazies on the roads during the weekends, then normal. Anyway, today I was driving on the highway, going up to a friend for a visit. Our roads at this time of year, are slippy! They are narrow, and dark, too. I was driving a little over the limit as I do when it's possible, to make the traffic flow in a good order. Then, this bigger black van, with gigantic, and a lot of extra headlights comes up behind me. Straight up into my "ass"! So close so I can't even see his front, and blinds me so bad I have to flip my rear view mirror, and concentrate to get my eyesight back. And, he stays there. So, I flash my brake lights to him a few quick times, so he will understand he is a dangerous distraction, and can position himself further behind me. What does this crazy do? He flashes his front light beams to me! It's like being at a Pink Floyd concert. I decide to give him the signal that I will start pulling to the side of the road. So, since this person seems to be in such a hurry, they can get past me. I brake a few times slowing down, and put my turn signal on. Clear road in front of me, and the road is straight. So then he still doesn't pull up on my side, to drive past me. I brake down at a side road, and bring my car to a full stop...

Then what does this person do? Ha ha! He jumps out of his van, comes up to me - oh, I'm ready for this! I already put my window down when he gets up to me. He tries to be so cool! Asking me what's up. I been working at places during my life, where I been made to handle people in different ways, for years. So, I'm telling him, that if he wanted to pass me, I had already given him all those signals for it. Letting him know in a firm, but respectful tone, that, when you are that close to my rear, he will blind the driver in front of him. Then he says- "Oh OK, I thought there was something you wanted me"! Ha! I waited for him to say that, from the second he opened his mouth. I tell him that, of course not, I wanted to help you get past me in a safe way. Because, even tho I was going over the speed limit, you were so close that I didn't even see your car hood - on a Van! 
The man (who actually seemed drunk to me, so if I would be able to see for sure he was the driver - I'd call the police), suddenly seemed uncomfortable, and said, "THANK YOU"! Ha ha! I said, "Don't mention it", and then he jumped back into his car. I waited for him to go first, he even had a car waiting behind him, since he was standing in the middle of the road, while I was parked on a little side road, and cleared off the highway. He didn't even drive ahead. He waited for me to drive first - then, he flashed his light-orgel several times again, before I turned up to the side road, and went up the hill's to my friend's residential area. I know this quote, I can't remember who said it, but I think it was an old movie star, back in the 80's:

"Cocaine and car driving brings out the worst in people"

Well, this situation at least doesn't bring that "myth" to a silence. This driver, was looking for trouble, I'm sure of it. I can handle that, that's for sure. But when he makes me, and so, others meeting me on the road, unsafe, then it's enough. I rather stop, and try let people get past me, instead of making not just his own unsafe and reckless driving, but mine, and then other people unsafe too. The traffic is dangerous enough already, if not crazies should be allowed to make it hazardous. If this guy absolutely wanted to fight me over mine, and other peoples safety, sure, go ahead. Sometimes, the best thing sure is, to just go on, and try to ignore it. But sometimes, like in this case, when it's not possible, because of the drivers behaviour, and the condition the roads are in, I rather take that chance, then gambling on the safety of others going in 55mph on dark, icy and narrow roads. Besides, people aren't always so tough when you talk back at them, in a firm but respectful way! Psychology is a great weapon. Traffic is an unhealthy place to be in. When I took my skydivers license, we learned that, compared to deaths in the traffic, skydiving is as safe as any sport can be. It says a lot! So, beware of the crazies out there - help each other out to resolve, and loose up tricky situations. If you feel the need to pull over, and stop, do it if it is possible, and safe. It's weekend, and even more cars are on the roads. So, stay calm, and drive safe. Let us all get thru every day, without putting our selves, or others in danger. 

Below is a little video I made years ago! It's in no way a professional peace of art, but it's funny - and yes, I know AC/DC is typed wrong on it's end credits -  ha ha!
And that the text on it is in Norwegian. 
But, it has cars, and more in it, it's of my little towns, "Street Meet Event" some years ago :)

Have a wonderful Saturday, and safe weekend every one!

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