Feb 10, 2013

It's pretty Pretty!

Most of us, I am sure, have seen, and heard, about the snow storm that packed down the North East regions of USA this week. Even tho, in all of it's dreadful powers, and the fact that it did take lives, (such a horrible, and unfair, sad fact), it still can be really great, and fun. When all goes well, and the snow blankets those cities with it's all white, clean and fresh snow, the bright light that hit our eyes in the morning, fresh up our minds, and souls. It makes us smile - and it makes us feel alive! More then ever. So, here is a little video that my country's leading newspaper have posted on it's online edition. If you live in the area where the storm hit, I hope you are all fine - if so, grab your toboggan, put on your best, warm clothes, and jump in. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

The snow can be so, SO much fun! And, it's pretty darn PRETTY, too...

Have a great sunday everyone - enjoy!

(Originally posted on VG online edition. PS: Commercial first 10 seconds. Video Courtesy of VG TV - Norway)

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