Feb 9, 2013

It's Saturday. Happy Saturday!

Not that it being saturday is anything special, or, to be honest, this saturday isn't any special one for me either. But, never the less, it's saturday. Weekend! Time to chill, R&R, relax, enjoy the time with your family and loved ones - or go out, and have as much fun as you can. Or work. Some of us do that too. It's those who keep the societies together. May you all have a calm day, and night shift, at your respective job's. 

So, I really wanted to say, as Homer Simpson did: To BEER! But, I won't. Instead, I want to give a special shout out, to all the women out there! You are almost never mentioned like this, in peoples digital worlds. You are those who often keeps us all together. Those who love, care, and do everything for those around you, in what ever way you love them. Friends, families. Acquaintances, and others. Strong women! You truly deserve to be saluted more.

Now, also, to my two female friends, (you know who you are), that now are ENGAGED to be MARRIED! FANTASTIC! Congratulations! I love you both. May you be as happy, as anyone can be in their wildest, and most amazing dreams. 


Thank you, all ladies, for not giving up on us men, other women, and all of what's around you. Have a wonderful weekend every one. 

To you all, Alicia Keys - "Superwoman"

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