Feb 12, 2013

She is back

can you see the man on ski's?

Finally! She's back. The Sun! It's so, SO lovely. Today it was several degrees above freezing and, we now have (at least in my area of the city), the sun's warm, beautiful rays, from 09:00 a.m, til around 02:30 p.m - Which is actually pretty great, if you can even imagine, that just a week ago, we had it just a couple hours during the a.m's...  Now, it's all a straight path to the spring time! Norway, and I, we are waking up. I am so tired of the cold, and the winter. Finally, the sign of we crawling towards green warm days, long bright nights, and a happier mind and soul, is here! A big, bright, yellow warming ball, that now has raised high enough on the horizon, that it can finally give us it's blessing above the surrounding mountains. And, my little cutie pie of a dash, love it too. These pictures are from earlier today, while we did our mid-day walk. It's almost shameful that I post pictures here, made with my iPhone, but unfortunately, it's still a little too cold to bring the SLR's outside during walks. But, the pictures gives you at least an idea - from gray, cold and dark - til bright, warm and beautiful! I finally feel very much alive, again.

tasha finds an abandoned car very interesting

Til next time!

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