Feb 25, 2013

Sick days are boring days

Hi you guys! I been out of it for a little while. It's been slow, and not really any interesting days lately. On the top of it, I've had the flu, making it even more boring...

But, there is light ahead. It's warm days here now, all tho very cold nights. It's typical the inner part of Norway at this time of year - sun heats up during the day, and the night has clear, crispy and cold weather. Since I'm not sleeping too well at night, as for some stupid reason, the flu makes me start coughing as soon as I get under my covers, it makes me almost sad, since I'm not able to enjoy the sunny days, as I'm mostly passed out on the couch. Ha! But, I'm about to bounce back now :)

Also, tonight, as I was just out walking my dog I took the picture below. (It's a phone-image tho, which makes me almost feel ashamed posting that kind here). We have a gigantic, bright and low full-moon. Since I'm one of those "unfortunate" ones, that reacts strangely to this beautiful phenomenon of nature, I guess I'll be re-decorating and re-situating my living room tonight ;)  Hope all is well with You out there and, that you all have dodged the flu going around the world these days. 

Happy Monday Everyone!
yes, that is the moon. it's a horrible iPhone-image, I know - sorry people :)
Til Next Time!

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