Feb 5, 2013

Slow Days

I wish I had something interesting to blog about, but honestly, I don't. It's slow days. It's winter. The last part 
of the coldest season. People are tired of the cold, the snow. The gray times. But, even tho it's slow days, it 
doesn't mean it's no good. It's nice. It's comfy. It's what you make of it. It's my kind of days. Coffee. PJ's. 
Fluffy socks. TV. I'm so happy for History Channel. I LOVE it! I'm a history buff, for sure. I don't know what I 
would have done without it. 
Slow cold days, and dark long nights, on the couch, under warm, cosy blankets, watching programs about 
the important do's and dont's of our pastI'm in "recharging-mode" - til spring comes knocking on our doors...

fluffy socks'n pj's
yummy coffee in my "happy face-mug"

tv, & history channel
slow days, for my cutie & I

Business is slow too. But, when I started my photo company, this was the exact way I wanted it to be. 
As I do maybe 85 percent of my work outdoors, in the "wild", (or nature if you like), it's natural that 
wintertime is slow business time for me. More specialized in work with pre-planned themes for any clients, 
and those few  collections I do of portrait, boudoir etc. being made as far as it's possible, in the 
rough natural setting of Norwegian nature, it's obvious doing shoots in minus 15Fahrenheit wouldn't be possible. 
The photo shoots my company does around the rest of the world, is mostly done by trusted old friends, and 
great co-workers, based on freelance-contracts per job. Thank the maker my expenses are extremely well 
balanced compared to my incomes. That is how I can survive, with a decent profit running NCP. So, until things 
picks up, and life gets busy again, I'll just enjoy my slow days. I'm a big fan of comfortable living. No doubt.

                                                                                                    Til next time!


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