Feb 12, 2013

The laughter from nowhere

First of all, before I go any further with this post, I feel the need of putting it out there, that I am in no way crazy. I am as sane as any sane person can be. Or, well, my good friends says that I am crazy. But, that's a "good crazy"! Ha ha! My close friends are very, Very good people them selves tho - so I'll take their word for it.

Also, what this post will be about, remember every person has their own opinion on matters like this. It's up to you alone, what you take with you from it. Some things are not always easy to talk about. Some things are, even how far we and our world has developed as it comes to free speech, meanings and rights, still a little "taboo-like" subjects. In my home country, this is something like that - it may raise eyebrow's. I do have some personal "restrictions" about writing this - but, my fascination for it overcomes the restrictions!
 So, here goes:

"As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well used brings happy death". 
          - Leonardo DaVinci

Last night it happened, again. It's happened so many times during the last year's, and I don't know why. I live in a very old house, I am aware of that. It's really nice! Newly redecorated, and maintained well. Big timber log's, a huge open soapstone fireplace. At a small, and one of the oldest farms in the very outskirts of my city. An old area, from the days when little town, and inner parts of Norway, had farming as their main source of living. Actually, from the times when stories about trolls, goblins and mountain creatures still were very much a reality for people - and not just folklore, or stories. My house was build in 1781! And, I love it. It may look a little "worn", and even scary on the outside - but inside...Oh my! I'm guessing, if you were able to enter the door, you wouldn't want to leave. It's so cosy! It's a place where you really feel comfortable, and happy. It's old traditional Norway.
i know it seems scary. but, that's on the outside...
My experiences always happens during the hours after midnight. That, actually, is one of the weirdest things about it. When I go to bed at night, on the cosy bedroom located at the upper floor, with small windows, and graded sealing, things calms down, silence. Not always for too long. Ha! It doesn't happen every night, not at all. But, more often, then it ever should. One time is too many. For something like this, at least. Laughter! People talking. Shouting. Not angry shouting, but happy. Like, if you would shout to your friends, standing a little distance away from them. People playing. That's what I can get out of it. People, and especially children. Many too! It's not just a few voices, it's like a whole small society has gathered together on the fields down by my window, to enjoy their day, and have fun. Not just this, I can also hear, something what I have figured out has to be sleds. Toboggan's. Old metal braided toboggan's being pulled, and sloped in crispy cold snow. Horse-bells, and carriages! Now, that is strange! I can hear so clearly horse carriages being pulled, and the horse bells. Just to add to this insanity, let me say I can hear hooves too. Clickety-Clack... You think I'm crazy? Ha ha! Well, get this, I also hear bells from sheep's. The kind they use during the summer, when they go loose up in the mountains, and on fields, feeding on the grass. I do wish i wouldn't be able to hear all those animals. That just makes it weird. But, it happens. A lot...

I have no explanation for this. And that it is so many different noises. It just makes it even more strange. It's like the whole area has gathered for a picnic, or a day to play in the snow. Playing in the fields (there are two crop fields down by my house, divided by a dirt road). I am very much awake when it happens too. So, I'm not hearing this in my sleep. In any kind of sleep, for that matter. I turn my night lamp on. I check my phone. I check my dog, normally snoring beside me. She used to react of the noises too. By jumping up in the bed, tilting her head, lifting her ears. One time she even wanted to get into the windowsill, to see what was going on. My windows, were very much covered up with blinders. It took me some time, and several occasions where this phenomenon repeated it self, before I even dared to peak out thru a tiny slip of my bedroom curtains. The noise continued, with the same strength. But of course, no one was playing around in the field, after midnight. And of course, there wasn't any horses, pulling carriages, or sheep's walking around feeding on grass. It's just there, and I have no idea why...

In my town, there are so many stories. Old ones, and even new ones. Ghosts. Thing that happens, that no one can explain. Oh, my family has always had it's large share of this cake. Both my mom, and dad. I won't even start telling you about what they have experienced of the "un-natural". Or, how many times my mom has been saved, or saving her self, and others, from situations, that if not my mom had heard a whispering voice warning her, or something strange flying past her, would have become horrific accidents, with almost certainly a terrible outcome. Me? Ha ha! I think I told enough already. It stays in the family, I guess. So far, at least. I'm not sure if my son has it (he's twelve, and lives with his mom), but I don't think so. At least not yet. And, if he had, I'm sure he would have told me by now. 

I don't think these are ghosts. Not spirits. If it had been, I think it would have been somewhat different. More active - for the worse. I think it's these "in-prints", many people talk about. In-prints, places where things has happened, where there has been a lot of emotions involved. It doesn't have to be bad emotions. It can just as well be happy ones. Which I am very glad for. An in-print of happiness, so strong, and massive that the surrounding areas has in some way "captured" it, like on a roll of film. Playing it over, and over again. Not all people can hear it. Or feel, or see it. Far from it. They say only those who is mentally ready enough, or open enough, can. Well, that's at least what I read, and seen about it, on various docu-shows, and in book's and other places. For me, it's fine! I can only hear this. And I don't mind this happy in-print of many people, and animals, having fun outside my bedroom window at night. It doesn't scare me (anymore), or disturb me, in any major way. I'm just glad it's nothing more, or worse, then it already is. My dog doesn't react much from it anymore either, She wakes up, turns around, and then fall's back to sleep with a deep breath, and a snort. Ha ha! It takes me a little longer tho, lying there, trying to catch what all those voices says, laughs, and shouts. But, it's difficult. Also, it's not that important. The main thing is, that I have so many happy children outside my bedroom window, that are having so much fun! That makes me glad. Even tho they are no where to be seen, when I pull the curtain's, and even tho it's after midnight. I think it's neat! Fascinating. And, even tho it's also crazy, I know that when I fall asleep, I have a smile on my lips. Because it's good things, that are out there. 
And nothing really to be scared about, at all :)

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