Mar 23, 2013

Happy Easter Everyone!

Easter-Bunny still think I'm a good guy ;)

So, here we are! Easter. Bunny-Holiday! I love this part of year. Even tho I'm not religious, Easter time is still a beautiful part of my year. It's starting to become spring. Warm. Sunny. Crispy, starry nights. And gorgeous days.
It means time with my family. My little brother. My older brother. My mom and dad, and my sister in-law. Yummy food, and slafsy candy. Slow nights, and active fun days - in the mountains, on a toboggan, in a snow ditch slurping the sun ray's, or skiing. What ever you will do during your holiday, I hope you will enjoy it alot! Have a wonderful time, and charge your batteries. 

It's starting to become spring - and things turn up, and comes out again.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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