Mar 7, 2013

Soul Medicine

Today has been a gorgeous day! Warm, sunny, bright and fresh. For me, that is food, and medicine, for the soul :)
It's no secret that I find my self, no matter how pretty it is, unsettled and worn out during our winter season. The winter in Norway, is so long. Dark, and very cold. I know I'm complaining a lot, and, maybe I should (as half Norwegian) be happy about what it gives us, and what our country can provide. But still, I'm not. With realistic plans of moving to the South California with in not too many years, I will by that time leave this behind. I'm sure I will miss it, but, a different country, and climate, will be my soul savior. 

Until this happen, and I have to linger through the winter in this cold country,  I can't do more then be patient, and try enjoy it as long as I can. Like today. I didn't have too much time for pictures, but, I did take a quick car ride around the town, and out on the countryside to do a few, and so, I'll share some of them. Sun, calmness, spring mood and warm air. I refreshed my soul, and mind today - and I don't feel so tired anymore. I'm sure that with in a few weeks, even tho I won't budge on my moving plans, I won't be longing for a change as much as I do right now - then, that is in store for the next winter, and cold season ;)

Have a sunny and happy day everyone!
Til next time!

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