May 17, 2013


Oslo, our capitol, on today's 17th May - with our Royal Castle at the top hill :)
Today, May Seventeenth, is Norway's Constitution Day, or, our National Day! We celebrate our birthday, as an Independent country, after being in an Union with Sweden. The Norwegian Constitution was signed in 1814, at a place called Eidsvoll and, it marked a new birth for us as we became our own nation, and masters of this beautiful country

Today there has been parades all over the country - and outside it, and around the world as well! We all, near and far, join up in these parades, bringing our Norwegian Flags, whistles, rattles, balloons, and put on our National Costumes (Bunad) if we have them, or dress up in our suits, while having the best time, and fun with our families and loved ones - and all the rest of our fellow people :) 

All flags all over the country are flagged to the top of every flagpole - our Royal Family in our Capitol Oslo, meets and greets us at the Royal Castle's balcony. Traditions are everywhere. Families, children, workers, we meet up on this National Holiday, eating ice cream, playing games, parading, playing in the parade-bands, having fun, smiling, staying together, sharing, and showing our love for our country. All over the world, Norwegian's do the same thing. From New York, to Afganistan :)
May 17th - earlier today in Oslo :)
One of our areas local parades today :)
A mechanical Unit celebrating this morning, on a Norwegian Oil-Rig :)
The Norwegian May 17th Parade in Perth, Western Australia :)
Norwegians celebrating in Australia :)
Norwegian Troop's celebrating earlier today in Mazar-e Sharif :)
Our four legged loved ones are also part of it all, of course :)
My town is starting to calm down after the celebration of our National Day.
Our Norwegian Royal Family at the Royal Castle Balcony in Oslo, greeting the people earlier today - it's the 101st time our National Day is celebrated this way :) (Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix - VG.NO)

Have a lovely day everyone - Norwegian or not - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORWAY :)  
Til Next time!

(Images in this post are done by me, & people around the world, & posted on the public page of VG.NO)

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