May 2, 2013


Oh my! I can't believe it's almost three weeks since I blogged last time. I wasn't even aware it's been that long and, even though it's been pretty busy around here, (which is good of course), it's still surprising. Tempus Fugit... (Latin, and means "Time Flies"). So true...

                                                                                                                    We've reached MAY :)
Even though it's been really chilly lately, our sun still peeks out from time to time. It is supposed to be spring, but temperatures below freezing during night time, ice cold wind and, rain pitt's covered with ice when you go out in the morning, isn't exactly the springtime I want. But I'm sure it'll soon come around for us too - even though I'm feeling confused. As I'm guessing Mother Nature is, as well. She has at least given us the true sign that spring time is for real and the sign are these:

Those pretty little yellow flowers. They are springing up, all over. My dog loves these! I mean, love them, as a snack. Ha! At least I can consider them as "veggie-food". So I guess I have a healthy dog ;)
Now, as I mentioned, things have been pretty busy, in a good way. Business is picking up, skydiving season has again started at full paste and, even though it's still a little cold at night and early morning here, during the day it's not too bad. So the roller blades are again in full use, running during the afternoons, and doing my photography assignments during daytime. It's all working out well. The days are flying by and, I can go to bed at night, tired, and falling asleep without problems. Oh, how I love the springtime! Life starts again to feel meaningful and, the soul is again starting to shine. Plans being made through the dark and very cold winter time, can soon be set into motion and practice. It's a good life, and I'm living it a lot.

So, yesterday, May the first, was an extra holiday for us in my country. It's a National Holiday, an extra day off for the laborers. It's a holiday really made by the political Norwegian Labor Party, a century ago, but it still works. The "Laborers National Holiday", marks a rest for the workers and, the beginning of spring. When the day comes, we have parades, bands marching, banners, games and fun for the kids, and much more. Norwegian Flags are flagged every where! It's actually really pretty - even though the day in particular doesn't have too much meaning for me, it's nice to again see all those flags, and knowing that we are now moving towards a new season with economical growth, expanding businesses and, warmer & brighter days.  Yesterday, as this holiday was, we had the typical grey and chilly weather. But it was still pretty. Still a lot of people celebrating the day, despite the cold day and chilly wind. I was able to get a few pictures during the late evening. It had all calmed down at this time, but I wanted to capture the flags :)

As I'm sure you can see, my little town is a real "sleeper". But at least it's quiet, pretty and safe. In the down town area, it's either completely stuffed with people, or the opposite. So, when one know this place, you are able to avoid the crowds, if you want to. But it can get a little slow at times, so it's nice having plans laid out during the winter, so you know what you want to do during the summer time. A little trip to London, and Venice, Italy (Oh, I LOVE Venice), are among mine. Bringing my camera, hopefully I'll have a few awesome images with me back. In addition to this, if I'll find the time for it, at trip to the US west coast, and SoCal to visit a good friend, is also on the schedule :) Other then traveling, keeping my photography business running is a priority, as most of the assignments I say yes to do, are done during the summer time. And, hopefully I'll get a lot of skydive jumps on my log ;) Do you have any plans, that you want to share? Leave a comment if you'd like. And if you don't have plans? Go With Tha Flow! Being impulsive, if you can, are the best thing ever! I used to be that way, A LOT! And, I truly miss it ;)
                                                                                                                     HAPPY MAY EVERYONE!
                                                                                                                              Til Next Time

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