May 26, 2013

My Fluffy Neighbour Clan

The last weeks, my blog has been mostly about sad things. Tornadoes, extreme weather, things that really isn't making us happy. So, now I thought it was about time to do a post about something that is sweet, cute, and that will make you smile - so, I want to share with you, my true last sign, that summer has arrived here where I live when I'm in Norway. Every summer we get visitors. I call them "My Neighbour Clan" :) They are white (mostly), sweet, beautiful, happy, playful, very very fluffy - and they are as much a classic Norwegian Summer-sight, as it can ever be. Let me introduce you to my friends; these cutie balls:

These little white fur balls, are just too cute! Every year, on the fields right behind my house, a local farmer in the area let's out his sheep's and lambs, to go freely around, feeding on the delisch green fresh grass. Every morning, I wake up, hearing these sweet lambs. It can of course be a little annoying sometimes, but it's mostly the cosiest part of living here during the summer. It's like living on a mountain-farm and, watching these happy beauties jumping around, snuggling each other, and enjoying the free area, makes me happy. Also, once, now and then, I'm able to go up to them, play around, give them hugs, and feed them grass from my hand. It's such a real, beautiful and classic Countryside-Norwegian life. With them, my "Neighbour Clan", comes the summer - it won't get much better then that :) 

Have A Wonderful Sunday Everyone!
Til Next Time

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