May 5, 2013

Nature's Beauty Visit

OK, I know very well I complain too much about living in small town Norway. Sometimes it's just so slow, sleepy and boring. But, suddenly, you get a wake up call, about how fantastic it can be, and how privileged we can be living here. 
This early morning, around six a.m, I had a visit. A family of four. They came so close to my house, they were eating the Grass, growing alongside my foundation on my house. Shy as they were, I had to take these pictures from inside my living room, through the windows. But still, I captured them - a beautiful family of four deer's! Such beauties :)

The last picture is from after I went outside, and tried capturing them in the open. But already before I was able to peek around the corner of my house, they knew something was going on. When I looked around the corner, they were already looking at me - and went for it. That's how shy they really are. Next time, I won't. I will let them enjoy that yummy, fresh grass they came for in peace and quiet. I'm lucky they want to use my close area as a feeding ground - what an amazing family of four. Beauty Of Nature, in all it's true meaning :)

Happy Sunday - Til Next Time!

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