May 19, 2013


I'm sure all of you that has even heard about Norway, are aware of it's cold weather. Here, on my blog, I do complain A LOT about it. I guess since I do not really have much to complain about in my life, as it is pretty good at the time being, complaining about the weather is a little relief - we all do need something to complain about, from time to time ;)

Our weather is normally either chilly or rainy - sometimes both at the same time...
 So, at the time I'm writing this, two days ago, I inhaled and, swallowed my very first mosquito for the season! Yes, you read correct... It's become a tradition for me - not really a nice one of course, but, as springtime arrives, and summer is about to knock down our doors, I always, just before the gorgeous weather arrives, swallow a mosquito! It's THE sign! Ha! When it happens, my summer feel starts flushing into my body and soul. Feeling that nasty little bugger buzzing down my throat, makes me of course want to gag, or at least flush it down with gallons of water. But, as it's done, I know (more or less), that summer is on the horizon. Then, yesterday: BAM! 

95degrees Fahrenheit! Lovely sun! No rain! (For now, knock on wood)... Oh my Holy Maker! It's no dog weather. My little wiener pooch gets too hot - one short walk after we get out of bed in the morning, and we'll have to wait for the afternoon, to find a path  to walk by with some shadow. A/C is going strong! Electrical bills are (I'm sure) sky rocketing! But, I don't care. It's 95 DEGREES outside, for lord sake :) It's finally real summertime in Norway! And how fantastically beautiful the country is, during this lovely season. Oh, and yes, I already got a nice tan ;) 
Cool tempered grass, is a great way to chill down the fur :)

Just so you know, her shadow reveals her true nature - she's the one who keeps my bedroom monster-free at night ;)

Have a gorgeous Sunday, and week everyone!
Til next time!

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