Jun 22, 2013

Happy Saturday, & Weekend!

My kind of Summer Bliss
It's here y'all! The long awaited Saturday and, (DrrrrumRollll) - The Weekend :)

It's time to slam your feet up on your coffee-table (if your significant other allow it), and pull out that delisch food from your fridge that you been waiting for all week, while working your self through happy, and not so happy hours. For my part, it's time for family bonding and, my dog! Ha ha! Yes, it is ;) 

Mostly all chores I been able to do during the week, so now, I'm all off - more or less. Sunday I have a little photo shoot, but that is only something that I look forward to do. It's a joyful work and, I love it. 

It's summer, and I hope, where ever you are, that your weekend will be able to give you the chance to pursue your favorite summer activities - if it is the beach, sitting up late, around a cosy bonfire, bbq'ing or hiking. Alone, or with someone. Right now, as I write this, it's raining in my world - but it's warm and, this kind of rain, just makes me want to dance in it! Yes, I am pretty much young at heart and soul. Long live the "Peter Pan Syndrome" - it's real and existing, I tell yah :)
I want to share this tune below with you - I'm sure you've heard it before, but if not, it's well overdue. This song makes me happy. It is truly a happy song and, it screams summer! It almost makes me want to howl out, and run in circles. Ha ha! No but seriously, except from the running in circles-thing, it's such a great summer song. It's light. It's easy, it has such a happy melody - and, it is about LOVE! 

So, with out any further due, enjoy the Lumineers, and their song "Ho Hey" - and, most of all, your weekend!

Happy Summer, & Weekend Every One :)
Til Next Time!

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