Jun 14, 2013

Lovely Days

Hi! Yes, I'm still here. Ha ha! 

It's been a little while since I made a new post and, the reason for it is simply that days are flying by. Business is busy and, we are now struck with beautiful summer weather. It's important for me to really enjoy the days with the best weather, since my soul and mind will be able to thrive happily during days when it's not so nice. Simply said, I'm building up reserves ;)
The summer-sky is never a boring sight.

All though the days are flying by, these days are beautiful and, I don't mind that time seems to run ahead of me. Except from my work, and business schedules, I do what I'm able to do, when I can do it. Hang out with friends. Both at day and night time. Eating (or, slurping, if you'd like), ice cream in one of our many cosy downtown park- and green areas. Spending time with my family. (I love my family and, all though I know it may sound like a cliche, I love my MOM! She has done SO much for me, always - I grew up having both ADD, & Tourett Syndrome. Thanks to my mom, who NEVER gave up on me, I'm where I am today). Slumbering by the cooling and quiet riverside, being bombarded by the sun ray's. Fly Fishing! Staying up late at night, being outside lying on the ground, and being amazed of how bright the night is. It's just like a normal afternoon. It never goes dark at these times of year. Playing around with my little dog! I LOVE HER! My little long haired, chestnut brown dachshund. She's almost seven years old now. But she still acts like a pup. So playful! So cuddly. A lot of beautiful soul, in a tiny body.
Playing around in the fields.

Close encounter of the "Sheep-Kind" - Non were really too interested :)

This year, I decided to be careful with the tanning. Every year, the last five ones or so, I truly overdid it! Looking like a fresh boiled lobster, isn't exactly too healthy. Last summer was really bad! I used to own an old firetruck - yes a firetruck, ha ha! It was an old Willy's 1969-model, converted into the kind of firetrucks that were stationed at small military bases and so on. Having an aluminium water tank on the back part of it, working as a gigantic reflector, last year during the wonderful start of the summer, I climbed on top of it, lay down and fell asleep. Of course... Let me just say, I'm more careful now. I don't want to be fried that way, anymore. 

Soon I will (hopefully) go for a hike in the mountains, me and my little dog. Packing down my tent and sleeping bag, and travel up there to relax, and enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature that is surrounding me at all times. I'm looking forward to it. 

All in all it's a great life! It's summer. And even though the days feel like they are flying by too fast, I love them all. I enjoy the days to the max.  The Lovely Days :)

Have A Beautiful Weekend!

Til next time!


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like heaven.

    1. Thank You Kami :) And yes, it is like a little piece of heaven, when the weather is like this :)