Jul 4, 2013

Happy 4th Of July!


Hopefully you still remember me? Ha ha! I been out of blogging for a while, and mostly other businesses that requires a computer. How awesome isn't technology when it works? But, when it decides to slam it's heel's down into what ever a digital product would set it's heels into, to prevent you from pulling it along your own needs, it's a little living hell on earth. As much as we are dependant on computers and technology at this era of time, we often get lost without it. Rightfully so. Too much are done today through the web, and so is this blogging, as you of course all know. When my computer gave away a little poof of a mushroom cloud last week, it was a sign of bad days to come for me. So, my blog has been untouched as I am in no way able to blog using my mobile phone. But now, I've been doing my purchase of a new shiny iMac - and life is better then ever ;)

Last post I made, I talked about my uncle's novel, and that I would, every Friday, (starting from the last one that was...) translate it and "publish" it here. Every Friday, a new chapter. I'm still positive about doing just that - but of course, now as my life has been computer-free, it will be delayed. At least til tomorrow, that is. I'll try and take back the thread of it then. 

Now, today - It's the FOURTH OF JULY! Happy Fourth to all of you who are celebrating it, and that live and thrive in the USA, or where ever you are, following the Star Spangled Banner's traditions on this glory day of Independence :)
May you all have a wonderful celebration, with all of those who you love and cherish, and may you stay safe through out the night with amazing fireworks, BBQ'ing and what else of traditions you have made for your self, and your loved ones and family on this day. I'll finish this post with a clip that is both hilarious and, in very best Muppet's tradition, patriotic ;)

Have An Amazing Fourth Of July Everyone - Celebrating It, Or Not!

Here comes the Muppet's, "Stars & Stripes Forever" - Enjoy ;)

Til Next Time!

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