Jul 6, 2013

WEEKEND - & A Strike Of Summer

First of all, I want to mention that I've been talking about my uncle's novel for the last two posts now. Unfortunately, I've found that the upcoming weeks, and even weekends will be so busy for me, that I will not be able to keep my promise about translating it, and posting a chapter here, on each Friday to come. I am very sorry for this, if you been reading my previous posts about this, and looked forward to it. But, it's better to postpone it, instead of doing those "publishments" spread out here and there, as I find time for it. Maybe it's a better project to aim for when fall time, and winter comes back. Then my company won't be so pressed with clients, projects and product-deadlines, and time will be more on my side for these kind of things. Summertime is always my busy time, business-wise - And I absolutely do NOT complain about that ;)

But now, it's Saturday! Yeeeey! Ha ha! How lovely it is when this kind of day knocks gently at your door. Also, when it brings the most beautiful of summer weather, it's like a little piece of heaven blessing us up here in the far north. I do know that many people around the world have had it's share of heat. I feel sorry for those who struggles with it and, for those of you who have been battling it for a longer period of time up until now. When it comes down to it all, cold is better then the heat. Of course, both of them are bad, in their own way. But, when it's a little chilly, you can at least make it better. Dress up for it, or heat up your house, or apartment a little more. The heat isn't that easy to get rid of. You can't really escape it that easy, and it's much more difficult to cool down your self, or your environment. So, it's better to be living in a cool place and be blessed with a little shorter period of real warm, sunny and hot weather, then having the heat constantly boiling down on you. That way, here, we are lucky - and blessed.

So now, we been at my favorite spot as it comes to swimming, and having fun in the heat. It's actually by one of our two surrounding rivers. But it's gorgeous there! Such green, clear water! White sand, just like a tiny beach. And we have been enjoying it, as much as we can. Both my friends, dog, and other family members. Also, me and my little dog enjoy playing in the fields down by my cosy little house. We live at a small farm place, just a 5minute walk outside of my town. Now, as the farmers has cut the fields, to use the grass for hay for it's livestock in the winter time, the fantastic, fresh smell of new cut grass is spread all over the area. It smells SUMMER! I really love it, and I really love Norway at this time of year. 

So, with a few pictures of our beautiful tiny spot at the lake, and of funny times in the fresh cut crop-fields, I want to wish you a beautiful weekend. I hope your celebration of the Fourth (IF you were one of those many who did), was a safe, fun, lovely and fantastic! Have a beauty of a weekend, and stay safe, in the heat, or where ever you will be enjoying it.

Happy Saturday Ya'll :)
Til Next Time!

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