Sep 1, 2013

Summers' Gone

Yesterday, it suddenly came to my mind, that I haven't blogged in a very long time: And actually, it's a whole month since my last post! I apologize for that - it's just been a very busy month, and now as things are starting to again calm down, my other doings comes back to mind that I've been neglecting. But I'm still here and, hopefully I'll have more time to keep this place of mine updated. I am positive to that thought :)

Yesterday, as in August 31st, it was the last official summer day in Norway. According to our Calendar, it's now winter here. Ha! Well, of course, it's not winter - not yet anyway. But the time that are considered  officially summertime in this country, are now gone. It's fall, or autumn, if you'd like. But it's still many days of gorgeous crispy and sunny weather ahead, before snow comes. Colourful days, where the Norwegian nature will show it's best and most beautiful sides to it's people. 

So, as yesterday was the last day of summer, and I finally had a Saturday with much spare time, I went up in to the mountains. I walked around with my camera bag, and did a few shots before it all turns into a colourful show. The first (and then of course the oldest) National State Park in Norway is located about a thirty minute drive from where I live. The Rondane National Park (wiki-link). A huge formation of ten mountain peaks that rises over 7000 feet, forms a majestic view, almost immediately as the roads up there flattens out. It's the Rondane Mountains, that has given the name to the park. We have mountains, and beautiful nature all around us. It's just that it is too close. We always see it and, therefor it just isn't that special for us. It's too bad! All though I use the mountains and the nature around us here a lot as a "photo studio" and backdrop for my clients, I'm simply one of those that neglect it too much of the time. So, when I went up there this time, it just hit me how beautiful it is, and how much more I could spend time up there, without my clients, or outside a work related situation. Hopefully, I will, from now on.

So, I thought I'd share some of the pictures with you all. Until next time - I'm back Blogging, and I'm not going anywhere ;)

The Rondane Mountains. It's ten peaks rising over 6600ft, with the highest, "Rondane Castle" (wiki) rising above 7000ft.

This is my old "playground from when I was a kid. Every time my family went up to the mountains, we used to camp here. I have so many great childhood memories from time spent by this old and beautiful barn.
Two tourists are dropping their jaws, and food, as they suddenly witness a heard of cows being led right by them :)
Straight into the beautiful mountain sunset...
The last sun ray's, on the officially last day of summer.
And last, but not least, my tiny hometown in Norway, by day...
...and night :)
Have a great Sunday Ya'll :)

Til Next Time!

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