This is me. Helloooo! Ha ha. I'm a photographer, all though I tried a lot of different professions, I always find my self going back to photography. And how much I love it, it's almost as I can't put words to it - but I L.O.V.E it! SO MUCH! That's "nuff said", right? My other professions took me around my country, and elsewhere a lot, but always traveling felt as a lod in my life, because it became so stressful for me. But it gave me a new and very refreshed image of this little country. My beautiful country! So much I never even thought about, before I had countless hours to slam on a slow going train, or a slow work shift on board a Norwegian cruise ship. It made me stop my own time, and look - and listen.

I now live with my dog (ha ha, yes I know), in a beautiful old house from the 1780's when I'm in Norway. I am part American, a third Austrian and Norwegian. It gives me the opportunity to live, and stay, in USA for about half the year. (Or as long as I will, or can). When I do, I mostly reside in Los Angeles :) I'm the owner of the company "Norwegian Classic Photography" (NCP), where I catch beautiful moments of Norwegian bliss in countries all around the world, during a tiny split of a second. After a couple of years brake, I've now started it up again. I work hard, but I LOVE what I do!

                     just a few pictures i like
my little cutie pie, tasha
love. "nuff said"...
Of course, my free time goes to everything else. It's my own free time you will see mostly here, and mostly from and, about Norway. Along with images of small places, with some stories and facts about them. Events, fun and more. People that entered my life on my journey through journalism and photography, travels and events. I met many different souls, most of them, amazing ones. A few, a briefer time then others, before they ran out of it. That's why memories are so important. Catch the moments. That's what we do... 

say cheeeese!
it's norway
northern lights (aurora borealis)
my cosy home place, with a sparkling "big dipper" above
Hope you will stay tuned with me, and my little digital space, in the unlimited space of the World Wide Web :)

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